The 2212 Section (Music & Videos) | Background Movers II


So throughout this year we’ve been working on various projects, but the main one my focus has gone to is Teelow’s upcoming album. We’re gonna hold on to the album title and other album related news for the time being until the promotion ball gets rolling, but what we can say is that we’re aiming for a fourth quarter release (October-December), so you can keep your eyes out for new music, videos and extras to be following very soon. But with this in mind, and with that album taking up so much of our time, it only made sense to point towards that with the one music project we did release this year. the compilation beat tape ‘Background Movers II’.


The original idea for the Background Mover series was to take all the best music we’d released in the previous year and put it into a compilation project, and this year we followed suit but with strictly instrumentals. We threw in a few unreleased instrumentals from 2015 as well as music from Rootsta’s ‘You Don’t Know.’ (March 2015) and G-Take’s ‘Life Like A Cartoon’ (November 2015). The beat tape that came from the mash up of these beats gives you a cohesive look at the production style we used in 2015 drawing influences and samples from soul, R&B & rock to create a development on the Neo Gospel pallet that we use for our lyrics.


To us though, the idea of just doing a beat tape was a bit bland. We both very much like things to be tied together, whether through story or feeling, so the listener knows where they are at certain parts of the story. We’re both also heavily influenced by J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ (Who isn’t?!) in the sense that we as producers can use music to convey multiple emotions and a story arch, so we decided to organise the beats we pulled from 2015 into an arch that could take the listener somewhere. It just so happens that Teelow’s album follows a concept that aligned itself with the emotions that we’d created in this beat tape, so we took the opportunity to intertwine the storylines.

The whole album takes place on a journey to Jerusalem (Trust us guys, this will all be further explained as time goes on), so we decided to make this beat tape a radio broadcast that spans the length of a journey through Israel to Jerusalem. The whole ‘Lost Angels FM’ idea was something we originally were planning to do for the Bizzare Enfants album (Lost Angels: Check it out here) but it kinda fell on the back burner through the creative process for that album, but we still had numerous clips that were then edited into this project. We then created our fictional radio host DJ Breaks, who basically narrates the entire journey while taking tweets and calls during songs and gives us updates on the journey as we go (This actually gave Tee a chance to put some album plot points out early, so listen closely to pick it up! Once again, it will all make sense soon guys).

So guys, give the project a listen! And let us know what you think, especially if you’re interested in using any of the beats, in which case contact any of us directly through all the JC4Me social media!

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