A Young Persons Guide To Holiness 105: 1 Peter 5

New Series Alert!! Basically, I did a bible study towards the end of last year (2016) off my own back. I was down in the dumps and just wanted to read something encouraging. This was my first time reading and making full notes for a whole book, and the impact it had was massive, I’m still living in the fruit of the things I learnt through this study, so I figured it could help other young people that are down or feeling stagnant or just don’t know exactly what to read.

Side note: You can be bother a guide and listener. In fact, you should be a guide and a listener. That’s the best kind. Bibles open!


1 Peter 5

To Elders & Young Men: Verse 1-11

  • As elders, we must be caring and willing to help people selflessly. We’ve been put in that position for a reason, don’t take it for granted or use it wrong. The higher up you are in earthly rankings, the more service is required of you. Our motive is Jesus’ example and the reward in heaven. (v. 1-4)
    *Even though this can be and is dependent on age, you can also take this as your point on your spiritual journey. You can have young men who have been Christians for a while and old men who have been Christians who have been Christians for a short time. Respect peoples age but also follow Peter’s instruction in regards to the faith journey of the individual.
  • There’s no room for pride anywhere in church, and this is especially the case among the young. God opposes the proud*, so in order to grow, we need humility. (v. 5-6)
    *”He mocks the proud mockers but shows favour to the humble and oppressed.” – Proverbs 3:34
  • Humility allows us to feel comfort. Being able to realise how much bigger God is than us helps us realise also how much bigger He is than our problems! Being humble in the (constant) presence of God keeps our perspective right about His strength and will for our lives. In Him, we have no fear (v. 6-7)
  • Be self-controlled and alert. Temptations are there to kill us, bluntly put. It’s not to entice us with pleasure, but to lure us away from safety in order to harm us. And it’s a serious thing. Find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one going through what you go through, but there are innumerable amounts of people past and present praying for you in your exact situation. (v. 8-9)
  • Perspective, Perspective, Perspective!!! (v. 10-11)

Final Greetings

  • These words were for encouragement and reaffirmation that you can trust God’s word and live a full life in and through it. (v. 12)
  • Remember to love first and last! That is to be our impression. (v. 13-14)


  1. Elders selflessly guide, youth humbly listen.
  2. Stand firm in the truth with love.

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