Editors Letter, Issue 2 Summer 2015


Welcome back to The LAMB Magazine! If you’re joining us from the first magazine, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud or anywhere else (shameless plugs), thank you for continuing with us on this path! And if this is the first thing you’re ever seeing to do with The JC4Me Collective, then we pray you enjoy reading through these articles and they resonate with you. Hopefully they can bring you back to join us on this journey!

We’re blessed and thankful to be able to put together and release a second issue for the Summer ON TIME! Since the last issue, things have been so hectic! Pretty much the entire Collective has been going through exams while trying to finish articles, products, music & videos! I can’t say thank you enough to the guys for putting up with me during this time, because even through all these stresses we’ve all had, we’ve put together a quality piece of work that we’re proud of.

In this issue, there’s a heavy focus on the new album ‘You Don’t Know.‘, the debut release from JC4Me Producer Rootsta, which was released only 2 weeks ago. The cover story is me detailing our experience making the project and some of the obstacles we faced in our relationship doing it. We also have an interview with G-Take on his part in the album, his life and his music. Artist Mima Wells wrote a great article about the idea of passion vs work, we also have a breakdown of the latest music video ‘The Truth/Easy’.

We’ve also got a few guest bloggers! Natasha Kamuna (who’s been a massive help to The Collective with finishing and promoting ‘You Don’t Know.’), who is also part of the inspirational blogging group ‘Lord Out Loud‘, added an article about Our Father’s Business, which deals a lot with our purpose. Incredible young artist Lewis Burke also was kind enough to share with us an incredible sculpture he made.

Remember, absolutely anything that this magazine makes you think or feel, we want to know it! Don’t hesitate to contact us on any social media, email or comments! Enjoy!

Tolu ‘Teelow’ Awojobi

The JC4Me Collective


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