Faith Talks | Passion vs. Work? by Mima Wells


As a lover of art in many forms I often find myself absorbed in projects, whether it be for qualifications or purely for my own enjoyment. The difficulties come into play when I have to balance these projects with Work, Social events, Getting a healthy amount of sleep and even with other hobbies and interests. When deadlines clash for me, and many of you, stress places a huge pressure on all areas of life. A particularly challenging aspect of this is retaining the love that I have for art. When working on qualifications and deadlines dictated by teachers and exam boards I often find myself despising the very work that I produce. I am sure many of you feel the same. A Levels in particular have a way of erasing what we love about a subject. But it is so important that we do not let this happen. Our love for things in life, whether History, Science, Literature or the Arts, are a huge part of our happiness. Life is difficult at times, and we need our passions and particular favourites to inspire us and spur us through the tough patches.

When I started A Levels I studied English as one of my subjects. I love to write. Fictional stories, inventing characters, creating a life I could never live myself. This was a very small part of the curriculum, but the rest of it? Essays on how an advert used language to persuade customers to buy their products. Memorising whether ‘Table’ is a concrete or an abstract noun – I still don’t know by the way. Analysing transcripts and pointing out who dominates the conversation. None of this was what I wanted to study. This wasn’t what I loved about the English Language. When we start to hate something we have loved for a long time, we need to rethink our angle on it.

The first opportunity I got, I dropped English as a subject, never went to another lesson where I counted the minutes until I was free. I write in my spare time, and my love for it is returning without the added pressure of gaining an acceptable grade. Don’t get me wrong, loving something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study it, by no means. But pressuring yourself to be outstanding is not worth the loss of passion. If you feel yourself forgetting that you do what you do, because you love it. Take a moment, go back to when you first started, remember why you did it, how you felt, how inspired you were. Don’t ever lose that. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, or so they say. I’ll get back to you on that.


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