The 2212 Section (Music & Videos) | The Truth/Easy Video Breakdown

So the latest music video from The Collective is ‘The Truth/Easy‘, the second single from Rootsta’s album ‘You Don’t Know.

First and foremost, this is our most popular video to date, and we’ve got great feedback on it so thank you everyone for watching, liking and sharing! We hope that you actually get something from both the song and the visuals.

The video itself stars (our good friend) Oscar Chatterji as a Sunday Christian, and was directed and shot by Rootsta and myself (Teelow).

I’m gonna give you guys the premise we went into for making the video, but I won’t explain everything that happens in it; you have to leave things to interpretation!

The Concept

The whole idea behind the video was to compress the first half of the album, (from the intro to Better Me) into one video more or less, and basically summarise and show the moment someone wakes up to their mortality and realise that they’re actually going to die. That moment that you stop seeing death as an abstract concept and realise it’s a very real thing that could be right around the corner is a very scary moment for anyone, no matter what age it happens at, so that’s what we wanted to display.


Oscar Chatterji as the Sunday Christian in the ‘Truth’ part of the video

The Sunday Christian

Following the actual song, follows the narrative of someone who’s been brought up in the church but never actually engaged in the faith, never seen as something that exists in ‘the real world’. That is until they’re spiritual woken up. In the video, the first we see of The Sunday Christian (Oscar) is him leaving a church (I know you can’t tell it’s a church if you don’t know Woking, but it is), clearly distressed by what he’s just heard. As he tries to make the walk home and go back to normal by remember how many times he’s walked this way without even thinking about death, he’s constantly reminded of the Word that he’s heard, in one way or another.

The Spirit

The reason he’s now aware of all this is because his spirit (who I play) has been woken up. At the start of the video, you see me as his spirit, slowly waking up with the music, and throughout the video rapping ‘The Truth’ from his perspective. When he then tries to go back to sleep, and essentially shut his spirit out, the spirit has to be more aggressive in waking him up with ‘Easy’, where he tells him the dangers of trying to go back to sleep, and that he needs to get up and make a choice.


Teelow as the Spirit and the Bike as sin in the ‘Easy’ part of the video.

The Bike

The bike that we see Oscar’s character riding in his flashbacks, as well as in his dreams, is actually a representation of sin. That adds another level to the meaning of the video, but I won’t describe it like I’ve described the other characters, you’ll have to watch to understand it yourself!

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