The JC4Me Store | thinkBizzare Clothing, Round 2 & You Don’t Know. CD!

What we’re going to start doing with this magazine is actually using it to link you guys to a bit of merchandise that we do!

The official clothing line of The JC4Me Collective, thinkBizzare Clothing, aims to try and put creative saying, phrasing and designs on clothing items. Things that can be commonly worn, but at the same time stand out. This is the second wave of product coming from the thinkBizzare Clothing line, hence the Round 2. If you wanna take a look at Round 1, click here.

It’s important to remember that making money is NOT our main aim in The Collective, and we’d much rather build relationships with anyone even vaugley interested in us. So please make sure, if you have any questions whatsoever to do with specific order designs, delivery, price changes, or anything, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

Whatever clothes you like, just click the picture and it’ll take you to our BandCamp merch page, where you can learn more about the product. If you wanna go there now, click here.

So, without further ado, thinkBizzare Clothing presents…


The ‘JC Crew’ T-Shirt!

Design: The ‘JC Crew’ T-Shirt is a simple T-Shirt with bold writing, letting the world know what crew you represent: JC’s. The aim was to get something simple and clear, something that can be worn with a lot of things, yet the writing still stand out, very similar to how we should be in faith!

Fit: It’s a loose fitting shirt, suitable for both male and females and extremely comfortable. The model, Ayo, is 6′ 3 and wearing a XXL shirt, but he could be comfortable wearing a Large, so it depends whether you want the slim fit or baggy look.

1Cost: £10, payable through PayPal. Email us or visit our BandCamp page for further details on payments.

BvckgroundMoversSweatshirt BvckgroundMoversHoodieThe ‘Bvckground Movers’ Hoodie & Sweatshirt!

Design: Background Movers is something we in The Collective have been saying for a long time. It’s a term we feel describes our role right now, as Christians, as artists and as creatives. It’s our way of saying that it’s important to put in the work while you go unseen, because when it’s time to be seen and present the Word, you need to be ready. That makes this a very personal and exciting clothing item for us!

Fit: These again are loose fitting, although really they depend on size. The model, Ayo, is wearing a XL hoodie and XXL sweatshirt to give him a baggy look.

8 4

Cost: Sweatshirt – £15, Hoodie – £20. Payable through PayPal. Email us or visit our BandCamp page for further details on payments.


Rootsta – You Don’t Know. CD

You can also buy the new album ‘You Don’t Know.’ CD for anywhere upwards of £2! The CD comes with a full 6-page album booklet, with art by Mima Wells. Included with the CD are also some bonus tracks & instrumentals only available with CD purchase! More details here:

DSC_7046 DSC_7048

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