Editors Letter, Issue 3 Autumn 2015

Issue 32Hey Hey Hey. and welcome back to The LAMB Magazine! Not gonna mask the shameless plugs this time, if you’re enjoying what we’re doing, thank you so much and please support us on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandCamp & SoundCloud. And if you’re not, please go there anyway and leave us some feedback, all is welcome! Third issue now, so this is actually a thing, and we thank the big G.O.D. that we made it this far already.

Firstly, sorry that we’re a few days late with this, this particular issue has been a bit of a struggle with so much going on with The Collective at this time of the year, like going back to school and uni, finishing albums and organising shows and meet-ups. It’s not an excuse though, and thank you for baring with us!

In this issue of the LAMB, the main focus is on our man G-Take, who takes some time to discuss his upcoming album & a breakdown of the video for his new single ‘Brave Face’. The issue is rounded out by a few articles from the rest of The Collective discussing topics like kids in the church, Rahab & travelling. There’s also a quick promo slot for our recently released 2014 music compilation tape, ‘The Background Movers Compilation, Vol. 1’.

No guest bloggers this time guys, we’re keeping it all in house.

Remember, absolutely anything that this magazine makes you think or feel, we want to know it! Don’t hesitate to contact us on any social media, email or comments! Enjoy!

Tolu ‘Teelow’ Awojobi

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