Cover Story #3 | Experiences & Relationships: Breaking Down G-Take’s Cartoonish Life

First the clutter, now the cartoon, either way G-Take doesn’t stop living in a way unique to everyone else I know. I went up to Stroud for a weekend to put the finishing touches on his upcoming album and film the music video for the lead single from that album, so what could be more

fitting than having an interview about said album, just to give everyone’s favourite Italian rapper the chance to prepare us for his debut LP.


“I’m constantly there, I’m constantly checking, I really want things to be done. I’ve got a much stronger drive than I did for the EP.”

Tee: Why did you want to make an album, to start with?

Gian: Why did I wanna make an album? It was my turn. (Laughs). No I wanted to make an album because I love music, and I love making music. And I wanted a reflection of me on an album, you know what I mean? It’s weird, all the music I’ve made so far has been other people’s stuff, or my groups stuff.

T: Example?

G: For example, I was on Rootsta’s You Don’t Know, I was on the Bizzare Enfants, I’ve done various other singles for other people, so it’s been like, I’m putting work in for everyone else, I just wanted-

T: You did your EP though

G: I released an EP, but admittedly I didn’t put my soul into it as much as I’d wanted to. Honestly it was a mix between inexperience and probably laziness.

T: So what’s the difference between the EP and this album?

G: The difference between the EP and the album? The album I’ve had so much more creative input, like if you look at my album plan and see how thick it is, I’ve been on at Tee, sending stuff over and everyday asking like ‘How’s this going, how’s the next thing, have you got anything else for me, what’s the news, where’s Rootsta, where’s DS’, you know. I’m constantly there, I’m constantly checking, I really want things to be done. I’ve got a much stronger drive than I did for the EP.

T: Why?

G: If anything, it’s the EP.


“My content is absolutely, directly me. It’s subjects that I feel strongly about and have big opinions on.”

T: So the EP is your drive for this album?

G: Yeah. It’s like if you lose a race, you wanna race again and do better than you did.

T: But it could be said that that was our most successful project from last year, so using your analogy, why do you feel the need to race again if you won the last race?

G: Because I feel like I didn’t put 100% in. I feel unfulfilled.

T: So in terms of lyrics, what does your 100% look like?

G: On this album, the lyrics are far more complex than they were on the other projects. The speed, I’m clearer, I’ve developed quite a lot in the last year as a rapper, as an artist and a writer. We were watching old videos of our performances and I’m just hiding in the corner like ‘Was that me? Please tell me this isn’t me’, and back then I used to think what I was doing was really difficult, and now I’m looking back on it laughing. It’s quite a boost.

T: But in terms of what you’re actually writing, what does that growth look like?

G: My content is absolutely, directly me. It’s subjects that I feel strongly about and have big opinions on. There’s songs on there that I really am me all over. It’s essentially me on an album. It won’t be everything, but it’s a small portion of what I am on a CD.

T: Okay that’s interesting, with your album, if you can’t fit all of yourself into this album, how do you decide what will go on there and what to leave off?

G: Oh that’s the problem. I originally drafted 32 tracks, extremely ambitious. It was really hard to decide what was gonna go on there and what was not. I sat down and said ‘What would be fun to rap and interesting to listen back to?’, because at the end of the day if I don’t like what I’ve made then what’s the point in me even making it? I wanna actually be able to listen to it, but I want it to hit home and I want people to be entertained by it.


“To me, when I listen to music it’s an experience, it’s an adventure, and that’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my music.”

T: So is that what you want people to take away from it, the entertainment?

G: Yeah, this is an introductory album, this is the first one. It’s a reflection of self, my music has always been that.

T: Sonically, how have you moulded this? Because you’ve had a lot of say in the production. How important do you see that in the balance of the album?

G: Oh very important, I can’t just give you an album that sound exactly the same. People want to listen with an experience, and that’s what I love to do. When I listen to an Eminem album, I feel emotions that relate back to my life, like one song can make me think about flying, and one song will make me think about my family and my past. It’s quite an experience, music is not just putting something on in the background, that’s what gaming soundtracks are for. To me, when I listen to music it’s an experience, it’s an adventure, and that’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my music. In most of my songs there’s a story, there’s an arc, and that’s very evident on the album. There’s all kinds of tones and emotions that perfectly contrast each other. It’s the perfect reflection of who I am, in the tracklist alone.

T: So musically, how do you then pick what is gonna match this arc?

G: I dunno, I just have this picture in my head of who the album is gonna go, and I think to myself ‘what would grip me?’, because I’m someone that has like a 3 second attention span; if it’s boring I’ll click away. So if I put my headphones on and it’s boring I’m not bothering with it. But if the first track blows me away I have to listen to it. So my thing is how do I get people’s attention, and once I have it, what do I do with it? They’ve decided in the first 3 seconds whether they’re going to listen or not.

T: So what I’m getting at is this; I’m trying to pick out the difference between 40 Nights and this new album, because 40 Nights was a lot of me saying ‘I made this beat, come and rap on it’. How have you now decided what kind of beat you want to actually be on?

G: Well luckily I have a team helping me out that’s fantastic. All props to Rootsta, DS and you because I kinda suck at producing right now (laughs). But I’ll record with a metronome and send it over acapella and tell you ‘This is the style, this is the concept, this is the way I want to sound’, and you’ll come back with a beat that really suits it! But I’ve definitely had a lot of input, and been very firm in how I want it to sound. I’ve definitely crafted it a lot myself, with the help of everyone around me.

T: Anything else you wanna say about the album?

G: Yeah I had a lot of fun recording it, I just wish I had more time during recording it. This the proudest I am of any work I’ve done so far. I hope everyone enjoys it, I hope it’s taken in well, and I hope there’s something in there that people can relate to, like I do with other music.

Click Here To Download G-Take’s Album, ‘[G-Take’s] Life Like A Cartoon’!!

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