JC4Me Art | O-Slow Walks by Mima Wells

Our lovely resident artist Mima Wells has had a very busy summer, and has an even busier year ahead of her! She’s started a blog so we can keep up with her on the many travels ahead of her, and here’s an entry from her visit to Norway over the summer!jemimaA single day in Oslo is enough to make any of us value the blessing of travel. For such a full and bustling capital city, the presence of nature and frequent shocks of vibrant greenery are both unusual and stunning. I find a rare joy just being in this place, regardless of whether I am standing on the roof of the Opera house looking out over the harbour or simply sitting on the pavement eating a pot noodle at midnight. The spirit and life in these streets is catching, leaving me with no choice but to laugh as I watch the Norwegian Volleyball championship and dance in public as the speakers blast out some classics.

When I first thought about going abroad without the supervision of an experienced and reasonably sensible adult or parent figure, I never considered that I would be camping out in hostel dorms, living out of a backpack and barely spending two days in a city before uprooting myself and flying off to the next. I’d wager my parents didn’t expect this either; but after a little encouragement from a friend I couldn’t let go of the idea. This trip is a chance for me to challenge myself into a state of independence that will indefinitely come in handy when I skip off to university next year. Already I have developed a strong appreciation for the multilingual talents of almost every nationality but my own, along with the realisation that there will always be someone nearby generous enough to help out if my incompetence becomes painful enough for them.

I am already so inlove with the life of a backpacker that the idea of my alarm waking me up at 4am tomorrow doesn’t even appearing daunting because I am fully aware that as a result of this, I will be in sunny (fingers crossed) Gdansk!

Make sure to keep up with Mima by clicking here

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