The 2212 Section | The Background Movers, Vol. 1

G-Take Covers

The Background Movers Compilation, Vol. 1 is our first compliation release. Basically, it’s 13 of our best tracks in the same place and remastered to make it easier for you to get the history. It’ll save you going through each of the individually projects to find the best songs, but at the same time we’ve listed each of the projects that the songs are from, so if you do like a particular song you can always check out the entire project that track is from, and maybe even find a song we missed out that you think should’ve been on there!

The album features appearances from all the JC4Me Records artists and affiliates, with tracks from the Bizzare Enfants, solo cuts from G-Take, Teelow, DS Heavy & features from Zuzanna ‘Suzi Slim’ Szczypula & Chloe Golding, with the production being handled by Rootsta & Teelow. All the songs were taken from tracks we released for the first time in 2014 (which is why songs like ‘Talkin”, ‘Untitled 13’ and ‘Summer Day’ aren’t on there) from across 4 projects.

This is something we plan on doing yearly, and we would love to even has suggestions as to what tracks to put on these compilation tapes. 2014 was such a blessed year for us in terms of expansion and gaining attention for what God’s doing and planning to do through The Collective, and we felt it important to celebrate that!

The entire album is currently available on our SoundCloud and will be soon on our BandCamp.

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