Editors Letter, Issue 4 Summer 2016


I know. I honestly do. It’s been close to a year since our last ‘quarterly’ magazine issued a new copy. Well, first and foremost, apologies! We didn’t mean to be away for so long but we had to step back a bit to plan, to organize, and most importantly to grow. It’s been a crazy, up and down year, but we’re still here by God’s grace and able to pull together a few pieces for your reading pleasure.

Issue 4 features the lovely artist Mima Wells giving a very inspirational blog post on her growth in faith while on mission, as well as the detailing of the two releases from The Collective so far this year; Background Movers II (A Hip-Hop beat tape) and Real Talks (the newly launched talk series). The aim of this particular magazine is to explain where we’ve been and the things that have kept us from being as active on the magazine front. In short, we’ve been a bit too busy doing to actually write about it. But as we come to the end of multiple processes, I can honestly say that you can count on more frequent output from this magazine as we try to transition it to a blog as well as keeping the quarterly magazine going.

I can’t go into to much detail about the blog or our upcoming plans for the rest of the year, but I can say that God willing there will be another issue towards the end of the year, as well as a bunch more content to explain the long wait. But in the meantime, please enjoy reading this catch up from The JC4Me Collective’s past few months.

To quote one G-Take, ‘Thank you, thank you, thanks again’

Tolu ‘Teelow’ Awojobi