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So, just before this semi-hiatus thing that we went one for the summer, we started up a new series called ‘Real Talks’. This is actually a concept that we’ve had since we started way back in 2009, and basically we want this show to be an outlet to have discussions about faith. Simple enough, right?

Well it’s not simple anymore. I say anymore assuming it was ever simple. The older I get the more I realise that so much is assumed and expected. There’s things in life that you’re supposed to just understand, certain laws and rules of mundane reality that everyone lives by without questioning or even being taught. So those that struggle with these unspoken rules or even just think a bit deeper than the surface about them tend to be outcasted, purely because they didn’t get it straight away. This seems to be a habit and an attitude that the church has picked up on when it comes to youth moving to secondary school or just generally getting older; there’s an assumption that you’re supposed to just grow in faith. There’s an expectation that you won’t doubt, that you won’t struggle and that if you do you can come to church and talk about it and be completely comfortable revealing your heart to your Church family. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact that is ideal if we as youth feel that way at such a young age, the idea that any of this can happen without real discussions on real topics and issues that young people will either come up against or are already going through to build that comfort and encouragement is what can lead to a lot of people falling out of Church and, more importantly, faith.

Now, I’m not forgetting the many youth groups, camps, conferences and all sorts that deal with this and try to have these very discussions (Read More Here), but there’s a dynamic that is set in these environments that can catch a lot of young people of guard. Relationships and comfort are so key to conversation with young people, because the teenage years can be the most uncomfortable times in peoples lives. We have to be the ones to provide that comfort for them before expecting anything from them. I’m not saying to do that at the expense of the truth, by no means. But I do mean being unconventional in our attempt to go out and be what the young people need, as Jesus did. I kinda already spoke about this issue in Lamb 3, so check out that article for a more in depth break down of that.

I say all that to say, Real Talks aims to be that bridge. We’re aiming to be the ones to actually talk about the assumptions, explain why they’re assumptions and decode if they even should be assumptions. Everyone at some point feels like they’re the only one to go through whatever it is they’re going through, otherwise everyone would feel a bit more comfortable talking to people about common struggles. In having a discussion purely dedicated to clarity and comfort, I strongly believe that we can benefit the faith of any and every young person that tunes in. And that’s not to say this isn’t a Gospel centred channel, of course everything will coming from the point of view of Christians who have been through the issues we’re dealing with and can proclaim that Jesus is better through it. So that’s just a brief breakdown of why we’ve started up this series.

Another quick reason is to continue to diversify The Collective. The main thing we do is music but that’s not all we do. So many people are so talented at so many things, and Ryan (Macklin, speaker & host of Real Talks) is one of the most gifted speakers I know when it comes to explain God’s word to the youth. To have him at the helms is a blessing not only for us being able to show another outlet to bring focus to God, but also to inspire those with a gift to talk and give them a platform to talk about their faith.

Speaking of, we really want this to be an interactive platform, so please, if you have anything you want to be discussed to help your faith, from sex to friendships to mental illness to sport to anything else that you stumble over, please let us know so we can turn that into an episode of Real Talks. And by the same token, if you feel you’ve got the gift of gab, or even the experience to want to help younger brothers and sisters in their faith as they go through their own early trials, then let us know and we can try and arrange a time and place for you to join the show for an episode or to.

This is a real exciting time and exciting platform that I can’t wait to properly kick off, so get plugged in! All contact details are here:








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