Editors Letter, Issue 5 Spring 2017

Welp. So much for the quarterly magazine, eh?

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Well, once again, apologies. Remember, Jesus said to forgive your brother up to 77 times. We’ve only been late twice, so you know, got a few more to go.

But seriously, the time gone has been essential and well spent, as you’ll see in this edition. Firstly, we’re moving from quarterly to every 4 months, so you can expect 3 issues a year, discussing faith and all our endeavours from music, art, poetry, film and whatever other media. We’re actually gonna stick to this too, I promise! Got a plan and all that.

In between though, we’ll be active too. Remember, this is Lost Angels Magazine & Blog. We’re basically gonna activate the blog side of things between magazines, giving us a chance to discuss things going on in the world today through a bunch of different reviews, as well as having mini-series like our #YoungPersonsGuide that ran a few weeks back. There’ll be a second series on that to come. So basically, you’ll have a more continuous and consistent JC4Me output from the LAMB.

This issue revolves around Teelow’s (having to refer to myself in the third person. Uncomfortable) upcoming album “Kid Jerusalem, Vol. 2”. Can’t give a date yet, still got a lot to do, but the promo is starting here, and you’ll be hearing it very soon. It’s very awkward to have to do a cover story and magazine about yourself, so thankful I got Ryan around and we had a Real Talks-esque discussion about the album (There’s more Real Talks coming soon too).

Guys, keep your eyes peeled! We’ve been gone for a while because we’ve been working so hard, and now we’re gonna have a lot of things to show you, and this is all to give glory to Our Saviour, support you guys, and change the perception of those who don’t really understand this whole Christian deal. So, thanks so so much, and enjoy #LAMB5

Tolu “Teelow” Awojobi.