2212 | New Music Release: Heathens , Remix & New Signees

heathens_promo_banner1We know music is our main thing is music. And we also know we haven’t released music in close to a year. And we know we haven’t released all-new music in over a year. And we thank you for your patience, because we haven’t been standing still. We’ve been steadily working on our craft, putting together projects, not just for the next release but for the follow ups, so we promise to put all our effort into a more consistent stream of releases.

But before we get to the new music releases for this year, I think it’s worth stressing that our last release, “Background Movers II” feeds directly into Teelow’s upcoming “Kid Jerusalem, Vol. 2” album, so go ahead and listen to that. It’s not essential, but it’ll give you some good context.

Heathens & Remix

Teelow’s first release from #KJV2 is the single “Heathens”, an uptempo track about discussing the attitudes the older people in Church can sometimes hold towards young people, both in and out of faith, and just serves as a reminder that we all have to start from somewhere, and no matter where we are on our journey, no-one can hold us from running to the Lord.

The track was produced by Teelow, and features Llazarus & former JC member G-Take. Keep your eyes peeled for the music video that’ll be coming soon!

There was also a subtle release of a remix to “Heathens” to celebrate Tee’s 21st birthday, so why not check that out too, and subscribe while you’re at it…

New Members

Blessed is an understatement. Since the release of the last magazine, JC4Me Records has grown from 2 acts to 8, ranging from poetry to hymns! I won’t get into each individual members bio, because that’s coming up very soon (watch this space), but what I can say is that this is another blessing that’s come from working on this album.

The majority of the new additions came from the studio chemistry built while working on #KJV2, so you can keep an eye out for the stylings of a few of the new JC4Me Records members on Tee’s upcoming album. All the more reason to listen to it! Here’s a quick rundown of our roster right now:

Alex “DJ Renz” Awofisan | DJ

Anike “Nix” Shontan | Singer-Songwriter, Poet

Becca Price | Singer

Giles Ship | Rapper

Philip Gay | Pianist, Singer

Roti “Rootsta” Awojobi | Music Consultant, Producer

Tolu “Teelow” Awojobi | Rapper, Producer

Too Necessary | Group comprised of Becca, Nix, Giles & Teelow