Cover Story #5 | Jerusalem: Teelow about his upcoming album ‘Kid Jerusalem, Vol. 2’


It’s a weird thing, trying to figure out a cover story for yourself, especially when it’s about something that I’ve been focusing on for so long. I recently completed the album I’ve been working on since late 2012, and it’s a weird old time trying to figure out how to go about promoting it. Definitely having to come out of my comfort zone, but I guess that’s what God wants from me right now. Anyway, I sent a (nearly) finished version to our resident journalist, Ryan, and asked him to head on over and have a chat with me about whatever he wanted to about it. So, here’s that conversation.

*Disclaimer: I tried my hardest to not give any spoilers about the album, because it’s really important to me for you guys to listen to it and draw your own conclusions from all the topics discussed in it, but yeah, don’t expect to know the ins and outs of the album from reading/listening to this*


Ryan: So, Tee, Kid Jerusalem, Vol. 2. How would you describe the album in one word?

Tee: In one word? Emotional, I guess.

R: Why emotional

T: Each track is supposed to convey a particular emotion, like everything is supposed to tie into something you would actually feel. It’s very emotion centric. And realistic. Probably realistic over emotional.

R: Yeah, when you say emotional, the first thing that came to my head was the different songs were written and performed from a place of different emotions that you might feel as a Christian facing some kind of trouble or adversity, so how would you say realistic fits into that?

T: Yeah, it’s a test to write about, er, being wrong. Or, knowing that you’re doing wrong but wanting to do wrong. It’s tough to write about that and then not back it up with ‘But Jesus…’ you know? Like, I think that’s another aspect, that we don’t see a solution til the end of the album.

*We then switched to recording*