Editors Letter, Issue 1 Spring 2015

Welcome to The LAMB, the Official Magazine of The JC4Me Collective!

First things first; The LAMB is an acronym for The Lost Angels Magazine & Blog, essentially a reference the Bizzare Enfants album ‘Lost Angels’, and the term basically means those people struggling with and growing in faith. People who know that they’re made to be (superior to) angels, but they feel lost out in this world, kinda a running theme for our lives in these days and times. And obviously, the acronym gives a reference to our Lord & Saviour, the Lion and the Lamb, our namesake, Jesus.

The main aim of The JC4Me Collective is to change the perception of faith in our generation, as it’s definitely skewed to show religiousity as oppose to the real love the Christ shows, and that spills over to this magazine.This magazine is basically our was to put everything JC4Me in one accessibly place. We had a great year last year (2014) building foundations for the future and growth of The Collective, and we documented it through monthly blog posts. But we thought it’d be a better idea to do something less regularly with more information on everything we’re doing, so that’s what this is. We’re gonna aim to be a quarterly magazine, releasing one issue roughly every three months at the end of the month. If you’re familiar with The JC4Me Collective, you’ll know that our main ministry is music, so while music will be a huge part of our magazine, a bigger focus is to give you way more detail on our other departments. I’m fortunate enough to work with a talented bunch in The Collective; we’ve got artists, poets, actors, writers, directors, photographers and speakers, so that’s the aim of this magazine, to display that to you.

This first issue is great one, we’ve got an interview with Rootsta (conducted by guest Oscar Chatterji), the JC4Me producer and pianist, as well as the youngest member of the Collective, where he speaks on his upcoming project, how faith impacts his music, and his role in JC4Me. We also have Mima Wells, the official JC4Me artist (who co-designed the entire magazine) giving an introduction to the art section with a bit of detail about her reasons for doing art as a Christian. Ryan Macklin, our resident speaker, wrote a great article on God’s love and wrath, and we also have a guest in Cerys Smith, who reviewed the ‘Lost Angels’ album, as well as more!

I pray you enjoy reading through this, and continue to follow us on our journey of faith and getting closer to the Lamb!

God Bless,

Tolu ‘Teelow’ Awojobi

The JC4Me Collective


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