JC4Me Art | The Comic Relief Challange by Mima Wells


As part of JC4Me one of our fundamental beliefs is that God calls us to care for and love the other people with which we share this world.

Bane Art Piece

Bane Art Piece

Most of you will be aware that Comic Relief took place earlier in March and people all over the country were getting involved to raise money in aid of those in poverty. As an artist I saw an opportunity to use my skills as a way to raise some money myself. I chose to set myself the challenge of creating a different face paint on myself everyday for two weeks.

Wolf Art Piece

Wolf Art Piece

14 face paints, 14 time lapse videos to document the process. I cannot say that it was easy and that I looked forward to doing each and every one.

There were days when I got home late and just wanted to sleep but instead had to sit down and paint for an hour. It was tougher than I had anticipated which in the end, I was glad about. People don’t sponsor you to do something easy! Effort pays dividend and I managed to reach the target that I had originally set myself.

These pieces of art not only helped to change the lives of people across the world, but they also taught me a thing or two. I have always been a perfectionist about my work, never happy with what I produce and usually secretive about pieces that I am not pleased with. This challenge took away this luxury, it forced me to share the work I created regardless of my own opinion of it. The reactions I received from those following my challenge were so positive and encouraging that I found a new confidence in my work that I didn’t have before.
You may not see the beauty and skill in the creativity that you produce. But don’t hide it. God has given you a talent and the world will gain something when you use it.

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