The 2212 Section (Music & Videos) | Sunshine, Part 2 Breakdown by Teelow



Title: Sunshine, Part 2 (featuring Suzi Slim) from the album Lost Angels
Released: 4th March 2015
Director: Teelow
Cameraman: Sam Curtis



Sunshine, Part 2 is a single we released from our latest album ‘Lost Angels’, which basically discusses a point in your teenage years when you realise you’re different to your peers. For us it was through faith we found we were different, but it can be any difference really. However, while appreciating the difference we have in faith, it gets hard to be a teenager in the light because you often find yourself ‘lost in the darkness’; you’re surroundings are often plagued by sinful ways. The song is basically just a yearning for a life in the sunshine with a teenage naivety; not realising that everyone has to go through their night to get to the good days. So basically, the aim of the video is to create a visual image that links to the concept, but not the lyrics directly.


Though we didn’t intend to make a heavily driven concept video, there is an underlying current in the video. The video starts with G-Take watching the news and surrounded by technology. This is actually a representation of the following track on the album ‘Sunshine, Part 2.5’, where we rap about depression spawning from technology and disconnection from actual people. So basically, this is the representation of G-Take’s mind due to everything that he’s seeing. As he gets up and gets ready, you can see his manner actually contradicts his words; he’s speaking about a life in the sunshine though he’s trapped in his own depressions. As he goes through the door, he gets trapped and surrounded by the darkness. This is also in his mind, simply connoting the reality of what’s going on inside, though through his words and his outside (in his room he woke up in), he seems fine. Eventually, he breaks out from the darkness, where I’m waiting for him. As the video goes on, there are cuts during my verse that show I’ve actually been in that same dark space too, and me meeting him right at the door shows that even though I’m willing to be right there for him, he has to go through it himself to an extent to actually be free of it. Then the rest is just a performance of the song really! Another thing we did was with the colours, similar to our Humidityy video. Basically, whenever we’re inside, the colours are very dull, when we’re outside, the colours pop and are really bright and vibrant. Then obviously, when we’re in the darkness it’s black and white. Also in the outside we’re really energetic, inside, not so much. So yeah, that’s a really short video breakdown! Watch the video below to see what I mean!


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