The 2212 Sections (Music & Videos) | Lost Angels Album Review by Cerys Smith


‘Lost Angels’ is the debut album by JC4Me Records’ rappers DS Heavy, G-Take & Teelow, who are as a group the Bizzare Enfants. Released on the 1st of December 2015, the 15 track album is the first full length album release from JC4Me, and friend of The Collective Cerys Smith (who also reviewed 40 Knights) reviewed the album for us!

The Music

This album has a range of amazing musical techniques and no song is alike which shows that there has been a lot of thought and effort put into this album. With mixtures of reggae, jazz and hip hop I would definitely recommend this album to anyone. ‘All The Things You Want Me To’ is musically incredible because there is a great beat which makes it easy to listen to. It is a very different song to track 1 and I have never heard the unique sound it has before. I think that this shows how Bizzare Enfants are able to reach out to different types of people which is hugely important in Christian life as Jesus tells us we need to reach out to everyone and tell them of him. By using music, it shows that Bizzare Enfants are able to connect with lots of musical demographics. ‘Untitled 7’. I can’t fault it. Musically it is so catchy and it, alongside Sunshine Part 2 and 2.5, is my favourite song on the album. The reggae vibe makes the song easy to listen to, have a positive vibe and appropriate to listen to at many occasions. Recently I had a dinner party and I had the song in the background and loads of my non-Christian friends asked what the song was and I thought that it was impressive how many of them are now listening to that track with me. I believe the musicality of the track brings people together which again reflects what Jesus told us to do. If you want to introduce your non-Christian friends to Christian music listen to ‘Untitled 7’. ‘Life’ was an interesting track as the vocal layering made the song sound soul-filled and almost alternative. This brought a new sound that I recommend you to listen to! Overall, this album is rad, rad, RAD! It is definitely worth listening to. As a music student, I really appreciate how much talent is in the album and it is just incredible. I expect to see Bizzare Enfants in the future!

The Content

In this album there is a range of strong Christian and inspiring messages throughout the songs. I particularly liked ‘Untitled 7’ because I found that it was appropriate and relevant for all ages. Personally, it is one of my favourite tracks as it gives of a chilled vibe which reflects what Christianity is about. Track one – ‘Days of youth/Rashids intro has a very strong message which I have played to a number of people. I particularly like the use of rhetorical questions as it captures the audience’s attention and makes them think about their personal life. The lyrics are relatable and the honesty of the artist really shines through which I believe is important to invite people to know God. Sunshine Part 2 and 2.5 is by far my favourite on the album. The message makes the individual reflect on their personal journey but it is also a great song to jam to! My youth group have listened to it on a number of occasions and every time people have got something different out of it. I would recommend this to anyone as it is a fun song that is musically and lyrically great. LISTEN TO SUNSHINE! Eyesight 2 is musically the best in my opinion. The lyrics are strong and it is much like a Black Eyed Peas song therefore connecting with a range of audiences. I think that this song is easy to show a non-Christian as the sound is familiar to the sounds in the current charts however the lyrics are wholesome and a great deal about God. Again, I would recommend this to anyone! I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so go and gain your own opinion by listening to this amazing album!

Final Thoughts

This album is like none other. It combines a lot of complex musical sounds much like artists in the charts. I think this is an important thing as I believe there is a song for everyone – you will get something out of at least one song. I shan’t spoil the album by letting you know exactly what each song is like because that is for you to explore, I will just tell you that it has been a hit with my youth group, my family and my non-Christian friends. It has some good messages that are great to discuss in groups or for you to reflect personally. This album has reminded me that God works with everyone and it isn’t easy for everyone to be a Christian and I believe that the honesty shown in the songs, connects us with Bizzare Enfants as we feel more together!
Great album! Give it a listen!

You can still download the album for free from our bandcamp page!


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